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Holiday Gear Guide: MMA Training Gear

With the new year almost here, it’s about that time when most of us decide it’s time to step back inside the gym to shed a few pounds. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, an amateur that’s just getting started, or simply looking to get back into the swing of things, here’s a look at some of the finest fight gear out there for your triumphant return to the gym. Drop the Christmas cookies and get ready to start training like a pro with these mixed martial arts gear essentials, including the latest and greatest fight wear, body protection, and workout accessories.

UFC Ultimate Training Shoes

Built to take a beating, similar to boxing gloves for the feet, the UFC Ultimate Training Shoes will have you kicking the crap out of heavy bags and sparring partners with a stylish new design from the team at Ringstar. Available in black or white, these slick looking fight shoes are made for the gym and designed to keep your feet protected, with triple layered protection in all the right spots.

UFC Ultimate Training ShoesCLICK HERE TO BUY

Elevation Training Mask

Sure you might look like a sci-fi character who accidentally stepped foot inside the gym, but at least you’ll be able to outlast the next fool who gets into a cage battle with you. Made to mimic the effects of high altitude training, the Training Mask will help increase your lung capacity and overall endurance with a killer design that’s hard to miss.

Elevation Training MaskCLICK HERE TO BUY

Jaco MMA Training Bundle

If you’re going to train, you might as well look good doing it. Jaco has you covered with the “train and fight” gear bundle that brings together all the essentials at a discount. If you like black fight wear, this will do the trick with a bamboo rashguard, Resurgence fight shorts, plus Guardian compression shorts, protective cup, and mouthguard.

Jaco MMA Training BundleCLICK HERE TO BUY

Fight Dentist Mouthguards

Regardless how serious you are about training, there’s no need to lose teeth over it. The Fight Dentist will make sure your mouth stays properly protected when taking a punch with a full line of fancy looking mouthguards. Fangs, gold teeth, BJJ…whatever you’re into, the Fight Dentist has just what you need when checking shots to the chin.

Fight Dentist MouthguardsCLICK HERE TO BUY

Hayabusa Chikara Fight Shorts

Speed, power, strength…that’s what the Hayabusa Chikara fight shorts are all about. Choose from red, black, or blue, and get ready to rumble with one of the best pairs of fight trunks out there. The Guardlock inner grip waistband system will keep them snug, and the extra high side slits will have you throwing kicks and knees like a champ.

Hayabusa Chikara Fight ShortsCLICK HERE TO BUY

UFC Fight Camp Duffle Bag

Pack your fight gear like a pro when hitting the gym with the UFC Fight Camp Duffle Bag. Made large enough to store your clothing and equipment, no other MMA gear bag shows love for the sport quite like this one. Available in five different colors, now you can transport your stuff in style with a large main compartment, along with side zippered pockets, and an extra area to stash your shoes.

UFC Fight Camp Duffle BagCLICK HERE TO BUY

The Burn Machine

Can’t get to a speed bag? Need to shed a few pounds quick-fast? Turn up the heat with The Burn Machine and get ripped to shreds in the gym or in the comfort of your own home. Go a few rounds with this thing and you’ll be looking lean and mean in no time.


Athletic Body Care Set

There’s no doubt, the gym can be a pretty filthy place filled with sweat, germs, bacteria, and other things you’ll want to wash off once done with training. Scrub away with the Athletic Body Care Set which includes everything you’ll need to stay clean and germ free including power wash, daily defense lotion, performance pain relief cream, and therapeutic muscle soak.

Athletic Body Care SetCLICK HERE TO BUY

Venum Urban Warfare MMA Gloves

Gear up for combat with the Urban Warfare MMA Gloves from Venum. Nothing represents war quite like camouflage. Now you can throw bombs all day long with these urban camo fight gloves. Looking for the matching gear set? Check out all of the camo style pieces including gloves, headgear, and shin guards from the Venum Urban Warfare fight gear collection.

Venum Urban Warfare MMA GlovesCLICK HERE TO BUY

Wrap Wrench

Can’t stand trying to untangle your wraps after training? Or even worse, sick and tired of figuring out how to undo the knots before attempting to wrap up? Make your life easier and less confusing with the Wrap Wrench. Simply flip the switch when done training and let it roll your wraps up nice and tight so you don’t have to do it yourself every time.


Diamond MMA Compression Jock and Cup

Unexpected crotch shots suck. Block out the pain next time somebody accidentally clips you with a low blow with the ultimate in groin protection. The Diamond MMA compression jock and cup system is designed to absorb maximum impact without sacrificing any comfort during competition with a super tough polycarbonate core cup that comes with the compression shorts to match.

Diamond MMA Compression Jock and CupCLICK HERE TO BUY

Hyabusa Pro Hybrid MMA Training Bundle

Strike, grapple, and roll with the Pro Hybrid MMA Training Bundle from Hayabusa. The Pro Shin-Instep Guards will keep your lower legs safe when checking kicks and the Hybrid Gloves are built to tackle any situation, whether standing and banging it out, or taking it to the ground.

Hyabusa Pro Hybrid MMA Training BundleCLICK HERE TO BUY

Looking for a few more ideas when gearing up for the holiday season? Check out our other guides to all of the best MMA Hoodies, UFC Collectibles, and UFC Fighter Walkout Shirts.

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