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Holiday Gear Guide: UFC Collectibles

With all of the gift giving that’s going on this holiday season, no true fight fan’s life would be complete without a few cool UFC collectibles to geek out over. Whether hooking yourself up with a couple of new toys to tinker around with, or looking to keep your fellow fight fanatics happy with a gift or two, here’s a rundown of some of the best UFC collectibles out there, including UFC action figures, books, DVDs, playing cards, championship belts – and everything else us fight fans don’t necessarily need, but absolutely must have in our lives.

Round 5 Dana White UFC Action Figure

He runs the show in real life, now he’s about to put the rest of your UFC action figures in line as well. Your Round 5 collection wouldn’t be complete without this limited edition Dana White UFC figure. Arms folded and all business, it’s time to add the UFC President to your collection.

round 5 dana white action figure

CLICK TO BUY: Round 5 Dana White UFC Action Figure

UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition DVD Set

Bring home all the best Octagon battles of 2011 with this complete collector’s edition DVD set. Kick back, relax, and watch 50 hours of fighting, with 20 discs that include a full year’s worth of cage scraps spanning from UFC 116 – UFC 131.

UFC ultimate fight collection dvd set

UFC Big Gloves

Ready to pop your best pal in the face and have tons of fun doing so? Duke it out, without getting hurt, with these oversize cushioned UFC Big Gloves. The perfect solution for all of those basement brawls that tend to go down during UFC fight nights.

ufc big gloves toy


UFC Undisputed 3 Video Game

Featuring improved game-play, a brand new submission system, and the addition of PRIDE mode – the latest UFC Undisputed video game is all that and then some. If you’re into MMA and video games, UFC Undisputed 3 will keep you more than entertained with all of the top UFC superstars at your control. Lay a virtual beat-down on your best friends all day, everyday when this one drops in February. Pre-order now!

ufc undisputed 3 video game


UFC Replica Championship Belt

Call yourself the king of your block? Show the neighbors who’s champ with this exact replica UFC Championship Belt. Made with 18K gold and silver plates and a heavy duty leather strap, this is pretty much the ultimate collectible for any true UFC fight fan.

UFC championship belt


UFC Encyclopedia

So you think you know everything there is to know about the Ultimate Fighting Championship? Take your UFC IQ to the next level with the first and only official UFC Encyclopedia – filled with 400 pages of just about everything UFC related from its early beginnings in 1993 up until today.

ufc encyclopedia book



Topps 2011 UFC Moment of Truth Trading Cards

Take all of the action from inside the Octagon home with this special edition 2011 UFC Moment of Truth trading card set. Each box contains 16 packs, with limited edition collectible cards that feature UFC fighter autographs, pieces of the Octagon mat and fight wear worn by your favorite warriors during battle! Looks like Topps just made card collecting seem that much cooler.

ufc topps trading cards


UFC Stainless Steel Octagon Pendant

Take the Octagon with you wherever you go with this high-end version of the top-selling UFC pendant. It’s made from stainless steel so it’s tough as nails, plus it comes encased in a black velvet box with a matching UFC logo printed in metallic silver lettering.


Warrior DVD

This year’s Rocky of Mixed Martial Arts films is finally available to take home. Sure some of the past MMA inspired movies haven’t been all that great, but this one’s proven to be the real deal amongst fight fans. Watch two brothers battle it out in 140 minutes of cage fighting drama.


Round 5 Brock Lesnar Ultimate Collector Series 8 Action Figure

Bulk up your UFC action figure collection with this new and improved Brock Lesnar collectible from the Round 5 Ultimate Collector Series 8 set. Fully equipped with his battle beard and DeathClutch fight shorts, this one’s a must have for any true collector, as Lesnar collides with Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 in the biggest fight of the year.

brock lesnar ufc action figure


Looking for a few more Mixed Martial Arts style gift ideas this holiday season? Also check out our Holiday Gear Guides to UFC Fighter Walkout Shirts and Fight Wear Bundles.

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