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VXRSI Epic T-shirt

A follow up to the previously released VXRSI T-shirt collection, the classic Sakuraba vs. Gracie inspired “Epic” tee makes a return as part of the Spring 2011 assortment, this time in a variety of colors including the original white based design, along with black and orange updates. Undeniably one of the most popular styles to emerge from the VXRSI range, the “Epic” tee features an altered image of Sakuraba flying through the air, catching one of the more memorable moments in MMA history with a classic clash between two Mixed Martial Arts legends.

CLICK TO BUY: VXRSI Epic T-shirt (black)


CLICK TO BUY: VXRSI Epic T-shirt (white)


CLICK TO BUY: VXRSI Epic T-shirt (orange)


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