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Vulkan Pro Eco Training BJJ Gi


In an effort to help preserve the planet while providing a stronger kimono to roll in, Vulkan delivers twice the fight with the Vulkan Pro Eco Training BJJ Gi. Made of 100% raw cotton with zero chemical additives, this eco conscious Jiu-Jitsu gi offers an alternative way to grapple for earth friendly BJJ practitioners. By eliminating the use of dyeing chemicals on the fabric, it prevents the usage of hazardous materials, while making the gi’s cotton naturally stronger on its own. Care for the planet but also seeking a cleaner way to roll? Go green with the Pro Eco Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi from Vulkan Fight Company.


Key Features:

  • No dyeing chemicals used on the fabric – reduces pollution, helps preserve the planet
  • Elimination of chemicals makes the cotton stronger on its own
  • Made of 100% raw cotton with zero color additives
  • Safer for the environment, stronger for your training
  • Made in Brazil

Vulkan Pro Eco Training BJJ Gi – CLICK HERE TO BUY

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