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VAS x BJ Penn Pro Model Flip Flop Sandal

If you’ve ever wished you could walk in BJ Penn’s shoes, your chance has finally arrived. VAS, a leading global supplier of footwear and orthotics, has teamed up with “The Prodigy” on this new signature Pro Model Biomechanical Sandal that’s designed to provide natural relief from common heel, leg, knee and back pain. Whether worn inside the gym, on the beach, or for everyday casual wear, these signature slides have been clinically proven to help reduce pronation and relieve pain while walking by providing biomechanical support and stability. Ideal for after-sport therapy and everyday wear, the VAS Flip Flop Sandal is available in Penn’s signature edition design, as well as a non-signature style. For the full scoop on the VAS Biomechanical Sandal, with a product demonstration and words from Penn on his new signature slides, check out the videos below.

CLICK TO BUY: VAS BJ Penn Pro Model Flip Flop Sandal

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