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Tough Talk Q&A: VXRSI

As the world of MMA fashion continues to grow and evolve as a whole, the scene is beginning to shift in a new direction, fueled by innovative brands propelled by art, culture and beyond. Celebrating competition in its truest form, VXRSI (pronounced vuhr-sahy) represents the creative embodiment of the human fighting spirit, from its most primitive roots into modern times. A sport and lifestyle apparel label, created with art and culture at its core, VXRSI is about striving and overcoming, growing and evolving, representative of the fighting spirit within all of us.

In an effort to discover more about this emerging apparel line, we caught up with Daniel Dejos, Creative Director, for additional insight on the past, present and future of VXRSI.

What’s the story behind VXRSI?

Originally conceived back in 2006, we started VXRSI as a sportswear and apparel label inspired by mixed martial arts, martial sports & culture, and most importantly the athletes, that champions an aesthetic-minded and culture-conscious approach to sports/lifestyle driven apparel.

Describe the creative inspiration behind your designs.

We draw from a variety of different sources that are relevant to fight sports and the influential cultures that really inspire sports and therefore us. There are thousands of years of art and philosophies throughout history to draw from like classical Greek sculptures, Japanese paintings and motifs, to modern art and contemporary design. We’re also heavily inspired by the modern artistic perception of sports and athletics, the intertwining of the culture associated with sports, as well as it’s constantly evolving state.

To us, that’s a huge well to pull from as combat sports continue to grow, thrive, and change.

How do you foresee VXRSI fitting into the whole MMA apparel industry?

We know that VXRSI has a place in sports apparel as a whole, as MMA definitely now has a place in the sports paradigm and is now beginning to enjoy a particular level of acceptance among the other more established sports. As apparel goes, we think people will respond to the fact that we offer an original and innovative take on combat sports/action sports inspired apparel, infusing art/creative/lifestyle elements into our designs and fabrications, attention to quality and detail, as well as celebrating and staying true to the culture and sporting aspects of MMA.

Do you think MMA lifestyle apparel has a place in the global streetwear scene?

It seems “MMA lifestyle apparel” has really created its own place within the industry but also seems to overlap in some other segments within apparel. I think the current state, regarding the scope of MMA apparel, is pretty much in line with action sports apparel. However, with “streetwear” specifically, I think that a brand like ours will have a broad appeal and hopefully the “streetwear” crowd/niche will see a “kindred spirit” of sorts with our approach, representing our particular sport in a creative and original fashion.

VXRSI is currently advocating for MMA to be considered as an official sport in the Olympic Games program. Please explain.

Well, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ancient predecessor, Pankration, was one of the original Greek Olympic events/sports, established with many of the games we still see in Olympic games today. Also, you see many martial sports events in the Olympics already such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wrestling, and Boxing, so why shouldn’t MMA (or at least other facets of the sport such as Submission Wrestling, Kickboxing or sport Jiu-Jitsu) be considered? The sport is global and retains some of the best athletes in the world, from all over the world. It would be wrong to deny these athletes and sportsmen/women the opportunity to compete and represent their countries on one of the largest athletic stages of all time.

We believe MMA, especially in its current form, as a sport, rightfully has a place alongside those Olympic sports and events which are already instituted, so we are doing our part to get involved and at the very least get MMA considered and hopefully reinstated as an official Olympic sport/event.

What can we expect to see next from VXRSI?

Like the athletes and artists that inspire us, we’re looking to grow and constantly up our game. New, innovative approaches to what we do and continually build with new, interesting product and consistent involvement within the sport, along with maintaining a level of integrity and sense of diligence to the culture are something we are very keen on, so expect some big things from us on the horizon.

For more info, visit VXRSI.com.

Interview by: Mike Pokutylowicz (Join on Facebook / Follow on Twitter)

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