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Throwdown Introduces New Kids Clothing Line

Got yourself a tough little tyke? Or simply want your small one to rock some wild looking MMA tees just like you? Throwdown has just what you need to keep your little guy or girl outfitted like a champ with this new line of Throwdown Kids T-shirts. By taking some of the most popular Throwdown walkout tees and flipping them into miniature styles, this new collection of youth and toddler shirts have arrived including tiny versions of the “Eternal”, “Ajax”, “Clockwork” and other Throwdown T-shirts. Whether your little ones are just getting started in MMA, or they want to wear the same tees as you, Throwdown has several styles to choose from including the all-new collection of kids T-shirts shown below.



Throwdown Eternal Youth T-ShirtCLICK HERE TO BUY


Throwdown Ajax Youth T-ShirtCLICK HERE TO BUY


Throwdown Clockwork Youth T-ShirtCLICK HERE TO BUY


Throwdown Kombat Youth T-ShirtCLICK HERE TO BUY


Throwdown Monogram Youth T-ShirtCLICK HERE TO BUY


Throwdown Rock Youth T-ShirtCLICK HERE TO BUY


Throwdown Chief Toddler T-ShirtCLICK HERE TO BUY

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