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The Korean Zombie T-shirt Craze

With WEC 51 just a few days away there’s no question we’re in for quite a few big fights with Jose Aldo defending his title against Manny Gamburyan, Donald Cerrone and Jamie Varner preparing to batter each other in what’s brewing to be nothing short of a grudge match, plus the return of Miguel Torres, Mark Hominick and more. But nothing gets us more amped up than waiting to watch Chan Sung Jung (a.k.a. “The Korean Zombie”) step back inside the cage following his jaw-dropping “Fight of the Year” candidate against Leonard Garcia back at WEC 48. What started as a three round match, spiraled into one of the biggest MMA T-shirt success stories of 2010.

If you follow the fight game closely, chances are pretty good you either already own or want to own a Korean Zombie tee. Heck, even Dana White owns one. And he wore it for millions of fight fans to see back at the UFC 113 weigh-ins, which ultimately helped kick this T-shirt phenomenon into hyper-drive. As Chan Sung Jung prepares to step back inside the cage taking on George Roop on September 30th, let’s recap the history of the Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie T-shirt craze.

Chan Sung Jung Battles Leonard Garcia at WEC 48

Although relatively unknown to WEC fight fans at the time, when Chan Sung Jung stepped into a WEC cage for the first time back at WEC 48 to slug it out with hard-hitting Leonard Garcia, a back and forth battle that ended with “Fight of the Night” honors, “The Korean Zombie” left a lasting impression on both Garcia and fight fans worldwide. Supporting Chan Sung Jung for his debut match in the WEC, Tri-Coasta created the following walkout tee for The Korean Zombie, an initiative that would eventually evolve into one of the most sought after T-shirt crazes of 2010.

Dana White Wears the Korean Zombie Signature T-shirt at UFC 113 Weigh-ins

When one of the most influential human beings on the planet wears your T-shirt, chances are pretty good you’ve struck gold. So was the case when Dana White decided to sport the Korean Zombie signature t-shirt during the UFC 113 weigh-ins and throughout his UFC 113 video blog. Almost instantly, the Korean Zombie tee become one of the most popular MMA tees around, with fight fans scrambling to get their hands on one. If you missed the boat back on May 7th, 2010, here’s a video that’ll help bring you up to speed documenting Dana wearing the tee on weigh-in day.

Zombie Mania Runs Wild

With demand surpassing supply in the early stages of the T-shirt’s existence following Dana’s UFC 113 fashion statement, the Korean Zombie T-shirt quickly become a hot commodity within the fight community. Capitalizing on the commotion, Tri-Coasta wisely followed up on all the hype by releasing a series of special edition colorways in the Zombie tee, along with the TKZ 1.5 design featuring a full body version of the bright blue character, plus an all-black FlexFit cap to match.

The Korean Zombie 2.0 and “The Living Dead”

With Chan Sung Jung making his return at WEC 51 against George Roop, Tri-Coasta recently revealed the highly anticipated follow-up in the Korean Zombie collection with the TKZ 2.0. Featuring a different style of Zombie design, the follow-up tee is joined by a separate collection of WEC 51 walkout shirts labeled “The Living Dead” collection, putting emphasis on the Zombie’s torso, as opposed to his face.

In keeping the tradition alive, Tri-Coasta is back for another round at WEC 51 alongside the Korean Top Team fighter with an assortment of new styles that are bound to cause a stir once again, thanks to Chan Sung Jung’s relentless ways inside the cage and a variety of new tees that’ll surely keep all of you Zombie fans out there dying for more.

To check out the complete Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie collection, scroll down below.

CLICK TO BUY: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie T-shirt


CLICK TO BUY: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie T-shirt (special edition colors)


CLICK TO BUY: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie Hat


CLICK TO BUY: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie 1.5 T-shirt


CLICK TO BUY: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie 2.0 T-shirt


CLICK TO BUY: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie “The Living Dead” T-shirt


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