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TapouT Stronghold T-shirt

Just in case you haven’t quite had your fill of the twenty something new styles of TapouT T-shirts released over the past few days, here’s another style to add to the stacked assortment with the “Stronghold” tee. Design styling sees the classic brand slogan “An Expression of Combat” on the front, surrounding the brand logo and a pair of clenched fists, with “TapouT Fight Co.” boldly placed on the back in splatter style stencil writing. For a refresher on the rest of the recent arrivals from the Spring 2011 series, check out the wide range of designs included in the TapouT T-shirt collection.

CLICK TO BUY: TapouT Stronghold T-shirt (black)


CLICK TO BUY: TapouT Stronghold T-shirt (yellow)


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