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RVCA x BJ Penn – The Road to UFC 137 (Part 2)

BJ Penn’s UFC 137 pre-fight journey rolls on with the second part in the RVCA “Road to UFC 137” video series. Taking it back to Hilo, Hawaii, part 2 finds Penn back inside the gym with his teammates as they wind down the last leg of his UFC 137 training camp. With commentary from some of BJ’s training partners, plus words from “The Prodigy” on his upcoming opponent, part 2 of the RVCA series is enough to get you pumped for the upcoming UFC 137 welterweight war between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz. Sit back, relax, and check it out below. In case you missed out on the first episode, check out the RVCA x BJ Penn – Road to UFC 137 video (part 1).

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