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RVCA x BJ Penn UFC 107 Frost T-shirt (white)

Following BJ Penn’s dismantling of Diego Sanchez at UFC 107, one of the most dominant victories of 2009, RVCA releases a new white version in the RVCA BJ Penn UFC 107 Commemorative T-shirt. Designed by Phil Frost, a member of the RVCA Artist Network Program who is best known for his sculptures and paintings involving layered images and symmetrical patterns, the RVCA UFC 107 Commemorative tee brings a bit of artistic RVCA flavor to the world of mixed martial arts.

This white version is a follow up to the original black RVCA BJ Penn UFC 107 Commemorative Frost T-shirt, released around the same time as the RVCA BJ Penn Stretch Trunk II Fight Shorts.

True to the lifestyle clothing brand’s artistic roots, RVCA also released this RVCA BJ Penn video featuring the UFC Lightweight Champion wearing the Phil Frost tee, while showcasing his skills at the VA Training Center in preparation for his UFC 107 match.

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