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Randy Couture “American Hero” UFC T-shirt

The Randy Couture UFC “American Hero” T-shirt pays tribute to a true UFC Hall of Famer with an all-over print signature design. Capturing a memorable moment in Couture’s career back at UFC 68 when he won the UFC Heavyweight Championship by defeating Tim Silva, the tee’s front design features an image of “The Natural” punching Silvia flush on the chin, with his name blown up across the chest. As Randy takes on Lyoto Machida at UFC 129 in what’s expected to be his final UFC fight, here’s your chance to honor a true legend in the sport with an MMA T-shirt design dedicated to the man best known by fight fans as “Captain America”.

If you’re rooting for Couture come UFC 129, show your support for the former UFC champion with this signature tee, along with the official Xtreme Couture Randy Couture UFC 129 T-shirt.


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