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Punch Buddies “Young Assassin” T-shirt

Along with the demise of the Trash Talking Kids T-shirt line, comes the rise of Stephan Bonnar’s latest venture in the MMA clothing world with the new Punch Buddies T-shirt collection. Giving you a preview of the first style to emerge from the upcoming series of UFC fighter based tees, the Melvin Guillard inspired “Young Assassin” T-shirt adds an anti-terrorism twist, resulting in what could quite possibly be one of the most controversial T-shirts in history. Bound to stir up mixed reactions with an extremely offensive design, the new Punch Buddies tee features the lightning-quick UFC Lightweight contender on the front destroying all forms of evil amidst flames, blood, guts and all kinds of destruction. Check out a preview of the new Guillard tee below and stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Punch Buddies T-shirt line.

UPDATE: For a closer look at all of the new Punch Buddies tees, check out the complete first series of styles from the Punch Buddies T-shirt collection.

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