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One More Round T-shirts

Going back to basics, One More Round reveals a couple of new MMA lifestyle T-shirt designs featuring looks and fits similar to the original collection released a few years back. Having recently resurfaced in the UFC limelight with Matt Hughes’ UFC 117 T-shirt and the Jake Shields UFC 121 Walkout shirt, One More Round has returned to its roots with a collection of tees and hoodies that combine vintage washes with slim-fitting lifestyle designs as seen in the classic Clint Eastwood movie inspired “The Good” T-shirt, the samurai style “Western Sun” tee and “The Copper” gun-slinger design.

CLICK TO BUY: One More Round Western Sun T-shirt


CLICK TO BUY: One More Round The Good T-shirt


CLICK TO BUY: One More Round The Copper T-shirt


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