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Nike LunarTR1+ Manny Pacquiao Drill Pack

During the weeks leading up to Manny Pacquiao’s match against Timothy Bradley, we showed a few previews of the revolutionary Nike+ Training footwear line which Pac-Man wore during his pre-fight workouts. Designed to change the way you exercise, these high tech kicks feature sensors that measure how hard, fast and often you train. Taking things a step further, the Nike LunarTR1+ trainer also comes equipped with drill packs that contain workouts from some of today’s top athletes. If you’ve ever wanted to train just like Pac-Man, here’s your chance to join Manny inside the gym with Pacquiao’s “Power Punch” drill pack. Just charge up the shoe sensors, step into the Nike LunarTR1+ trainers, and follow along as Manny guides you through one of his personal workout routines. Take a closer look at the Nike LunarTR1+ trainer pic and demo videos that follow. For more info on how the Nike+ technology works, click on the link below.



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