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Manto MMA Rashguards

If you’re a serious mixed martial arts practitioner chances are you put your body through rigorous abuse on a regular basis. Rough training requires equally tough training gear. Manto steps it up and introduces a new series of Manto Rashguards, stylish protection for those grueling sparring sessions. Made of 100% polyester, these snug-fitting fight shirts compress your upper body muscles providing ultimate protection when grappling, rolling or grinding out a little ground and pound.

In addition to keeping your skin safe, these shirts feature some pretty cool looking graphics across the chest, back and sleeves. Great for training, fighting or flexing down when out on the town. 






Product Name: Manto Longsleeve Camo Rashguard [BUY]

Price: $44.99 USD 







Product Name: Manto Longsleeve Tokyo Rashguard [BUY]

Price: $44.99 USD







Product Name: Manto Longsleeve Meia Baiana Rashguard [BUY]

Price: $44.99 USD

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