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Jesus Didn’t Tap JDT Hat

Mixed Martial Arts competition requires tons of dedication, determination and inspiration in order to excel. What better form of inspiration then straight from the Big Man upstairs? Jesus Didn’t Tap designs MMA clothing blessed with a bit of the greater good for faithful fighters and fight fans. Prime example is the Jesus Didn’t Tap JDT hat, featuring just enough divine design to keep it simple, sacred and stylish at the same time.

The JDT hat is part of a larger collection of Jesus Didn’t Tap MMA Lifestyle T-shirts, fight shorts and accessories. Clearly a brand that has managed to set itself apart from the rest of the MMA clothing crowd, Jesus Didn’t Tap reminds us that submitting in your quest for success is never an option.


Product Name: Jesus Didn’t Tap JDT Hat [BUY]

Price: $24.98 USD

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