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Hayabusa Premium Muay Thai Shorts


Adding a few new styles for fans of the “Art of Eight Limbs”, Hayabusa has released three new designs from the Hayabusa Premium Muay Thai Fight Short line. Loaded with detail and stacked with style, included in the trio of Muay Thai trunks are the Garuda, Lion Warrior and Sacred shorts in various colors. All styles feature large leg holes for a completely unrestricted range of motion, traditional thick elastic waistband for the perfect fit, plus authentic Muay Thai graphics and embroidery for a premium look and feel. The Garuda shorts are symbolic of power, wisdom and development, the Lion Warrior shorts represent courage, honor, strength and wisdom, while the Sacred shorts feature a dragon design that symbolizes protection, wisdom and longevity. Scroll down for a closer look at the all-new Hayabusa Premium Muay Thai Shorts from Hayabusa’s Muay Thai collection below.


Hayabusa Garuda Muay Thai Shorts (Black)CLICK HERE TO BUY


Hayabusa Garuda Muay Thai Shorts (White) – CLICK HERE TO BUY


Hayabusa Garuda Muay Thai Shorts (Yellow) – CLICK HERE TO BUY


Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai Shorts (Black) – CLICK HERE TO BUY


Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai Shorts (Red) – CLICK HERE TO BUY


Hayabusa Sacred Muay Thai Shorts (Green) – CLICK HERE TO BUY


Hayabusa Sacred Muay Thai Shorts (Gold) – CLICK HERE TO BUY

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