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FXF Top 3: Non-MMA Tees at UFC 119 Weigh-Ins

If you tuned in for the UFC 119 weigh-ins to watch the fighters finally hit the scale in preparation for the big event, you probably noticed at least a few wacky tees take the stage. It’s almost as if UFC weigh-in time is prime opportunity to make a personal statement in front of millions. Sure walkout tees are great, but there’s nothing like seeing an odd tee here and there to really kick things off.

Besides Pat Audinwood breaking out the SpongeBob SquarePants boxers for his moment of glory, the top three picks for best T-shirts worn at the UFC 119 weigh-ins go to Dana White for his Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tee, Joe Silva for his Dexter shirt, and of course, Matt Mitrione for rocking a classic Marvin Gaye tee, letting Joey Beltran and the rest of the world know that it’s time to get it on.

If you missed out on all the action at the UFC 119 weigh-ins you can check out the video here.

#1: Matt Mitrione – Marvin Gaye T-shirt


#2: Dana White – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon T-shirt


#3: Joe Silva – Dexter T-shirt

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