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FXF Style Profile: Bruce Leroy

Along with every season of TUF comes a cast of crazy characters, some loved, others despised, but bottom line there’s usually at least a handful of housemates who stand out above the rest for their shenanigans and personal style. This season, one man has managed to catapult himself above the crowd with a combination of high flying kicks, an afro that’s second to none and a couple of killer outfits that’ll topple just about any walkout shirt known to man. His name is Alex Caceres, but for the legion of fight fans tuning in every week on Spike, he’s known as “Bruce Leroy”.

What’s so special about Caceres’ style that honors him his own style feature? Where do we begin? The man walks out in vintage Bruce Lee garb, has an afro pick permanently planted, possesses some of the smoothest moves inside the cage, and somehow manages to maintain a smile when throwing down. Oh, and did we mention Dana White publicly declared from day one that “he loves this kid”? Kudos to you Mr. Caceres, you take the cake with your killer style and smug smile during fight time.

FXF Style Profile – Pros:

  • Vintage Bruce Lee style Kimonos
  • One of the tightest hairdos in MMA
  • Killer Afro Pick
  • The ability to keep smiling while taking shots to the chin
  • Dana White is a fan

FXF Style Profile – Cons:

  • His yellow suit makes him look like a walking banana
  • His Jedi braid (as per TUF 12 teammate Cody Mckenzie – “lose the braid.”)
  • His cocky smile during battle tends to tick off opponents and the rest of mankind (could also be considered a Pro)

FXF Style Profile – Verdict:

Bruce Leroy gets two thumbs up for representing the Master of Jeet Kune Do in all his glory, while maintaining a slick sense of style, winning his first TUF 12 fight and for getting a prime spot in DW’s good books.

For the lowdown on Caceres’ nickname, his motivation for fighting and more, check out the “TUF 12: They Call Me Bruce Leroy” video.

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