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FXF Flashback: Dethrone Shane Carwin T-shirts

With Shane Carwin stepping back inside the Octagon this weekend against Junior Dos Santos it’s time to rewind with a look at some of Carwin’s past walkout tees from Dethrone Royalty. Although Carwin’s endorsement deal with Dethrone came to an end recently, with Shane’s new HEADRUSH sponsorship in place for UFC 131, Dethrone has put out some killer Carwin Army walkout tees over the past little while. For a look at some of Shane’s past walkout shirts from Dethrone, check out the styles featured below including his official UFC 116 walkout tee, the Dethrone Shane Carwin 2.0 T-shirt and the Team Carwin signature tee.

For a preview of his newest signature walkout shirt that was designed specifically for his fight against Junior Dos Santos, check out the HEADRUSH Shane Carwin UFC 131 walkout shirt.


CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone Royalty Team Carwin T-shirt



CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone Royalty Shane Carwin 2.0 T-shirt



CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone Royalty Shane Carwin UFC 116 T-shirt


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