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FXF Editor Picks of the Week

With the month of Brocktober half way in the books, it’s pretty safe to say so far so good. Brock vs. Cain is one week away and we just went through a weekend that featured a free UFC card thanks to UFC 120 on Spike. Can’t complain there. We saw Michael Bisping pick apart Yoshihiro Akiyama in the main event and Dan Hardy catch a couple of Z’s courtesy of Carlos Condit’s left fist. Plus Bruce Buffer went so ballistic during the Hardy-Condit pre-fight announcement that he actually got some air time while performing the Buffer 180 just prior to announcing Hardy’s name.

On another note, Team Koscheck picked up their first victory this past week on TUF 12 and Dana White released his latest series of video blogs leading up to UFC 120 featuring footage in Montreal, Canada and London, England. With that in mind, let’s check out some of the best things to hit the world of MMA clothing and culture during the past seven days.

Dethrone Royalty T-shirts:

Personally speaking Dethrone Royalty’s new design direction is on point. The cleaner looks mixed with an underlying theme that revolves around conquering the competition and demanding their respect is a pretty solid concept. Not to mention Dethrone’s been unleashing all kinds of Cain Velasquez signature tees in preparation for his collision with Lesnar at UFC 121. Overall the range is looking mighty stacked these days. To check out the latest assortment of Dethrone T-shirts to arrive this week, including the “Defeat thy Rivals” design below, click here.


TapouT x Dan Hardy UFC 120 Walkout Shirt:

Despite getting clocked by Carlos Condit during the first round at UFC 120, Dan Hardy is by far still one of the most entertaining fighters in the game today. OK, Condit caught him with a clean shot to the dome, but in all honesty Hardy was a split second away from doing the exact same thing. Prior to stepping inside the Octagon, Hardy once again had one of the coolest walkout looks around, including a freshly dyed mohawk, outlaw style bandana and his signature TapouT tee tying everything together. Packed with all kinds of punk rock inspiration, Hardy’s UFC 120 walkout shirt is hands down one of the most original styles in the TapouT Signature Series.

CLICK TO BUY: TapouT Dan Hardy UFC 120 Walkout T-shirt


Dan Hardy vs. Carlos Condit Stare-down (UFC 120 weigh-ins):

Speaking of Hardy and Condit, along with being one of the best fights on the card, their stare-down at the UFC 120 weigh-ins the day before was equally entertaining. Anytime two guys butt heads and snarl at one other in front of millions of fans around the world chances are pretty good something crazy is about about to go down inside the cage (which eventually came to fruition during fight night). Check out this weigh-in video recap including footage of Hardy and Condit facing off, along with the rest of the UFC 120 competitors and crew.


TapouT TUF 12 Team Koscheck Jersey:

Although this jersey was revealed a few weeks back along with the rest of the TapouT TUF 12 Team Koscheck Fight Gear, the top UFC Welterweight contender’s team picked up their first win this past week on The Ultimate Fighter, so by default it just seems fitting to give Kosheck’s team jersey a shout out during this week’s recap. Josh Koscheck never seems to wear sleeves. Ever noticed that? Give him a T-shirt, he’ll rip the sleeves right off. Permanent gun show. Here’s a nod to Team Koscheck, the gun show and their first TUF 12 victory. To check out all of the TUF 12 TapouT gear worn by Koscheck’s team click here.

CLICK TO BUY: TapouT TUF 12 Team Koscheck Jersey


Dana White’s UFC 120 Video Blogs:

When Dana speaks, the fight world listens. No doubt his video blogs are always entertaining, packed with tidbits of info on upcoming events, a jetsetting lifestyle one could only dream of and enough F-bombs to make your mother cringe. But enough about that, let’s let Dana do the talking and check out the most recent additions to his video blog archive leading up to UFC 120.


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Mike Pokutylowicz – Editor-in-Chief / FighterXFashion.com

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