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FXF Editor Picks of the Week

With “Brocktober” officially in full swing prepare yourselves for what’s shaping up to be one of the wildest months of 2010 packed with UFC 120 invading London, England on October 16th, plus Brock Lesnar’s upcoming title defense against Cain Velasquez at UFC 121. In the meantime while we count down the days to both UFC 120 and 121 taking place later on this month, let’s revisit some of the best things to hit the Mixed Martial Arts scene over the course of the week or so including all kinds of entertainment courtesy of Miguel Torres, Donald Cerrone, Jamie Varner, WEC Featherweight phenom Jose Aldo and more with this week’s top picks.

Ecko MMA x Miguel Torres Viral Videos:

Not only did former WEC Bantamweight champion Miguel Torres get back to his winning ways by pulling off a “Submission of the Night” victory over Charlie Valencia at WEC 51 last week, he also got the rest of us pumped up prior to his return to action with a series of viral video clips done in conjunction with Ecko MMA. Always entertaining, check out these three clips that include Torres proving to the rest of us how tough he truly is by taking the “Cinnamon Challenge”, showing a bit of magic by peeling an egg without actually peeling it, plus taking over in his new corporate role as Ecko’s “Chief Executive Enforcer”.


Dethrone Royalty Jose Aldo WEC 51 Walkout Shirt:

While Jose Aldo once again successfully defended his WEC Featherweight title by destroying Manny Gamburyan in the second round at WEC 51, he also solidified his position as one of the scariest fighters in the world. I feel pity for whichever poor soul steps inside the cage with him next. As if annihilating opponents with what seems to be the greatest of ease isn’t impressive enough, he’s also capable of doing celebratory back flips off the top of the cage. If you haven’t already jumped on board the Jose Aldo hype train, time to recognize what’s good and go grab yourself one of his latest signature samurai tees from Dethrone Royalty.

CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone x Jose Aldo WEC 51 Walkout T-shirt


Jamie Varner vs. Donald Cerrone WEC 51 Pre-fight Face-off / Photoshoot:

Prior to stepping inside the cage to face-off for the second time at WEC 51, Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone proclaimed over and over again just how much they truly despised each other. Watching them try to rip one another’s face off for three rounds was a testament to every single word of smack spoken prior to fight night. To kick things off, this pre-fight photo shoot surfaced featuring the bitter rivals posing for the cameras just before go-time, making it that much more obvious that these two guys just flat out don’t like each other.


EA Sports MMA Video Game Demo:

Not only is this month a big month for the UFC with Brock and Cain squaring off and the UFC invading the UK once again with UFC 120, fight fans can also prepare to hibernate for the winter months ahead with the release of EA Sports MMA happening later on this month. Psyching us up for the game’s official release, EA Sports released this game demo showing some pretty slick game play footage including killer graphics, special features, crazy combos and loads of other good stuff that we can look forward to when EA Sports MMA hits store shelves on October 19th.


Free Lee Murray T-shirt:

There’s nothing quite like a graphic tee that’s screaming to free somebody from prison. Especially when that inmate happens to be a former pro fighter who was nabbed for pulling off one of the biggest bank heists in history. I can recall watching Lee Murray enter the Octagon for the first and only time, pulling off a pretty impressive submission win over Jorge Rivera at UFC 46, getting called out by Tito Ortiz shortly thereafter, then disappearing off the Mixed Martial Arts map for good (or at least for the next ten years according to his prison sentence). Thanfully the creative minds over at MiddleEasy.com have helped keep the dream alive with this “Free Lee Murray” T-shirt.


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Mike Pokutylowicz – Editor-in-Chief / FighterXFashion.com

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