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FXF Editor Picks of the Week

With UFC 119 officially in the books and WEC 51 just a few days away, it’s time once again to recap some of my favorite things from this past week in the world of MMA clothing and culture. Sure, say what you will about the anticlimactic main event at UFC 119, but all around the card was still pretty solid thanks to stellar performances from the likes of Evan Dunham, Sean Sherk, Matt Serra, Chris Lytle and more. We even had a chance to witness Matt Mitrione fire his own agent on live TV. You don’t see that everyday. Leave it up to “Meathead” to steal the show with a “Fight of the Night” bonus, even if he didn’t have a pair of fight shorts packed with sponsors.

Looking back on the week, let’s check out a few of the wildest videos to enter cyberspace, plus some of the coolest new tees and collectibles to hit the scene courtesy of Bad Boy, Tri-Coasta and Round 5.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller DREAM 16 Walkout Video:

Jason Miller is by far the king of crazy walkouts. Put Miller in a match against Sakuraba in Japan and he’ll take his walkout to a whole new level. So was the case this past weekend when “Mayhem” slapped on a silver adidas track suit, his TapouT Signature Series tee, and rallied up a fine pack of ladies to help turn his entrance into a full blown performance. Plus he ended up pulling off a submission victory via Arm-Triangle Choke in the very first round. Combine his walkout plus winning submission and you’ve got yourself the top pick of the week. Check out the video.


Bad Boy MMA T-shirts:

This week Bad Boy dropped a whole new collection of tees on us and once again they manage to hit a home-run with another round of clean designs and nice looking color combinations. Although top pick has to go to the “Team Brazil Tee” pictured below, the whole assortment is solid with styles dedicated to the arts of Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, plus a new batch of team tees.

To check out the full collection click here.


TapouT Gym Commerical by Bobby Razak:

If you weren’t too busy ordering another round or arguing with the guy next to you why Evan Dunham should’ve taken home the win against Sean Sherk, you might’ve seen this new TapouT Gym Commercial that was played between fights. Directed by Bobby Razak, this video will make you want to drop what you’re doing and go slap a triangle choke on the next person you come across. Having had the pleasure of personally checking out the TapouT Training Center in Las Vegas, I can assure you these gyms are the real deal. Not convinced? See for yourself.


Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie 2.0 T-shirt:

The first Korean Zombie tee sent fight fans in a frenzy following Chan Sung Jung’s three round slugfest against Leonard Garcia back at WEC 48. With “The Korean Zombie” about to step back inside the cage against George Roop at WEC 51 this upcoming week, Tri-Coasta gave us an exclusive first look at his new signature T-shirt. Prepare yourself as Zombie mania gets set for round number two with the TKZ 2.0 tee.

CLICK TO BUY: Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie 2.0 T-shirt


Round 5 “UFC  Live” Series – Couture vs. Liddell:

Being a big time fan of basically all things collectible (sneakers, tees, you name it), pretty much anything Round 5 releases tends to peak my interest. The new “UFC Live” Series is no exception. Transitioning from action figures to full blown sculptures, this first arrival in the series pays tribute to the time when Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture squared off back at UFC 43: Meltdown. The sculpting details on these 10″ statues are pretty amazing. They even come with a special UFC display stand.


Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to get in touch on Twitter or join me on Facebook.

Mike Pokutylowicz – Editor-in-Chief / FighterXFashion.com

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