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Fighter Faves: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

If there’s one thing that’s certain, Tom Lawlor sure knows how to make an entrance. Whether walking out to the cage or stepping onto the scale to weigh-in, “Filthy” Tom is one of the best in the fight biz at getting noticed. Before watching Lawlor step back inside the Octagon at UFC on FUEL TV 3 where he faces Jason MacDonald, we caught up with the always entertaining UFC middleweight competitor for a few quick questions on some of his favorite things. Ever wondered what makes “Filthy” Tom tick? Here’s your chance to find out.


Favorite fight wear brands?

Scramble, Dethrone, Clinch Gear. I am actually currently wearing a Scramble sweatshirt right at this moment. A purple Scramble Newaza sweatshirt.

What fight gear do you use to train?

For the most part I have a bunch of Clinch Gear stuff that they hooked me up with out in California last year. Their stuff is amazing quality as far as shorts and shirts go. However when I moved to the sunny tropical paradise of Rhode Island last year, I discovered that wearing shorts in 20 degree weather isn’t fun unless you want your testicles to freeze to your leg, so now I wear spats at every chance. Scramble makes great ones, Under Armour, heck I even have some Old Navy leggings I train in.

Favorite music to workout to?

It is different almost everyday. I am a big fan of the mixes that Mick Boogie puts out. He is an awesome DJ from Brooklyn and has quite an eclectic mix of music thrown in to his tapes. Mostly I am a hip-hop guy though.

Dream car?

Jeep Wrangler! Well actually I like the Suzuki Samurai better, but I ended up buying a Jeep Wrangler after my last fight (yeah….during the winter, without a working top) and it is a blast to drive. I also own a Yamaha Morphous maxi-scooter but don’t get to drive it nearly enough since I have it in storage in Florida. I may bite the bullet and buy an old school Hondamatic motorcycle but I go back and forth all the time with that decision.

Any idols or heroes?

Of course. Godzilla is awesome, he destroyed entire cities and stuff. I also like champion eater Crazy Legs Conti, professional wrestler Chris Hero, and that guy Tom from Myspace. Oh and Tom that invented Tom’s Shoes…actually I just like everyone named Tom. Tommy Bahama, Tom Po, Thomas the Train, all of them.

The best MMA fight you’ve ever seen?

Eddie Alvarez vs Joachim Hansen like 5 years ago in DREAM was awesome. Really there are so many fights that are great, that I hate to answer this question. I could never do the sport justice by picking just one fight.

Favorite walkout song?

I tried to enter to Adam Sandler’s “Medium Pace” but was denied….still it would be my favorite.

Favorite movies or TV shows?

Anything not named “Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star”. That is the worst movie I have ever seen.

What fuels you besides fighting?

Protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Any sponsor shout-outs?

I want to shout out to Scott Gomrad….he will know why he is the answer to this question! Also, thanks to Dethrone, Training Mask, and Revgear.

Be sure to check out Tom Lawlor’s upcoming match against Jason MacDonald during the UFC on FUEL TV 3 main card. For a preview of his latest walkout tee, check out the Dethrone Flying D T-shirt which he’ll be wearing during his entrance to the Octagon on fight night.

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