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Fight Style: Who’s Wearing What?

Ready for another round of fight fashion from outside the cage? This week’s edition of “Fight Style: Who’s Wearing What?” features some of the newest fight gear releases from MMA clothing brands like TapouT, Venum and Punishment Athletics being worn by Gilbert Melendez, Lyoto Machida, Wanderlei Silva and Tito Ortiz. We even tracked down a couple of pics of Vanilla Ice, as well as Jeremy Stephens, Gray Maynard and Cain Velasquez sporting fresh gear from Dethrone Royalty. Curious to see who’s rocking what these days? Check out some of latest MMA clothing from your favorite fight wear brands down below.


Jeremy Stephens wearing the Dethrone Super Sport Shirt


Gilbert Melendez wearing the TapouT El Nino Walkout Shirt


Tito Ortiz wearing his Punishment Athletics UFC 148 Walkout Shirt


Amir Sadollah wearing the Venum Amazonia 3.0 Fight Shorts


Cain Velasquez wearing the Dethrone Serpent Brigade Hoodie


Lyoto Machida wearing the Venum Lyoto Machida UFC 140 Fight Shorts


Michael Bisping wearing the MMA Elite Team Training Shirt


Wanderlei Silva wearing the Venum Wand Fight Team Shirt


Vanilla Ice wearing the Dethrone D Anticrown Shirt and Dethrone 86ers Hat


Tito Ortiz wearing the Punishment Athletics Trademark Shirt


Gray Maynard wearing the Dethrone Core Reversible Beanie


Lyoto Machida wearing the Venum Kanji Rain Machida Signature Shirt


Jon Jones wearing the Roots of Fight Krav Maga Shirt

Spotted some of your favorite fighters sporting MMA clothing brands outside the cage? Feel free to let us know by getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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