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Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection

The boxing world’s biggest brand name pays tribute to a true icon of the sport with the Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection. Featuring a series of authentic heritage inspired boxing gear, the Ali Collection by Everlast reminds us of a true legend inside the ring. Best known for his lightening quick speed and witty chatter, Muhammad Ali will forever remain one of the boxing world’s finest fighters.

The Ali Collection includes replica heritage boxing gear, such as gloves, wraps, headgear, medicine ball and punch mitts, stylized in a vintage brown color scheme reminiscent of Ali’s days of dominance inside the ring. Each piece also features Ali’s signature, as well as famous quotes from the man himself such as “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” and “If you dream of beating me you better wake up and apologize.”. Classic words from one of the sport’s finest.


Product Name: Everlast Muhammad Ali Heavy Bag Gloves [BUY]

Price: $20.00


Product Name: Everlast Muhammad Ali Authentic Cotton Handwraps [BUY]

Price: $8.00


Product Name: Everlast Muhammad Ali Punch Mitts [BUY]

Price: $20.00


Product Name: Everlast Muhammad Ali Headgear [BUY]

Price: $30.00


Product Name: Everlast Muhammad Ali Leather Medicine Ball [BUY]

Price: $40.00

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