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Driven Inc. Anger is a Gift T-shirt

Driven Inc., one of the newest MMA inspired clothing lines to hit the scene as of late, has unleashed a series of graphic tees that stray from the norm by taking design inspiration from different areas of battle including the military, as well as personal trials and tribulations. The “Anger is a Gift” design plays off the thought provoking statement “Anger is a gift when you use it to stand on higher ground and push against the hand that holds you down”. Featuring a striking print across the front and back that combines silver foil and red metallic ink, this tee will help you turn just about any negative situation into a positive, while sporting one of the freshest tees around town.

The “Anger is a Gift” tee is part of a collection of Driven Inc. designs including the Unscarred by Trials tee, which calls attention to the different trials in life that test a human’s character and inner strengths, as well as the larger assortment of Driven Inc. military-inspired tees that pay tribute to the Airforce, Army, Navy, Marines and Uncle Sam.

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