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Dirty Boxer Shorts

Staying comfortable while dishing it out is top priority. Introducing Dirty Boxer Compression and Weigh-in Shorts. Created and worn by world champion Mixed Martial Artists, these new shorts have claimed top rank as the official underwear company of MMA. Including technologically advanced ClinchFit, StrikeVent and PowerHold features, these new under shorts are tough enough to provide all the support you need.

Recently seen worn by a number of fighters at UFC weigh-ins, Dirty Boxer is available in the Weigh-in version, designed for style and comfort, as well as the Compression version, to keep your muscles protected during competition. The ClinchFit design feature improves comfort, flexibility and movement. StrikeVent is a trademark feature that provides maximum breathability and body cooling capabilities. The PowerHold feature includes sport-specific compression fabrics designed to keep the muscles warm, prevent muscle strain and enhance overall athletic performance.

Tired of battling with underwear wedgies while training or inflicting punishment? Slide into a pair of Dirty Boxer Shorts and fight like hell.


Product Name: Dirty Boxer Weigh-in Briefs (white) [BUY]

Price: $29.99 USD


Product Name: Dirty Boxer Weigh-in Briefs (black) [BUY]

Price: $29.99 USD


Product Name: Dirty Boxer Compression Shorts (white) [BUY]

Price: $29.99 USD


Product Name: Dirty Boxer Compression Shorts (black) [BUY]

Price: $29.99 USD

Images © Dirty Boxer

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