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Diamond MMA Compression Cup

Next time you take a shot to the crotch, take it like a champ. Diamond MMA introduces the ultimate in groin protection, designed specifically for those of you who partake in mixed martial arts. Built to take a beating, without sacrificing your comfort when training or competing, the Diamond Compression Cup deflects and distributes force when taking kicks to the jewels, while the rubber insert absorbs impact and minimizes vibration. Just slip the protective cup into Diamond’s patented four-strap jock system and take low blows without worrying about losing your manhood via K.O. kick to the crotch. The four straps keep the cup in place preventing vertical and lateral movements, while the compression shorts hold it all together during standup wars or ground fighting.

Not convinced? Check out the video below starring Erik Koch as dishes out a few crotch shots of his own, while demonstrating the indestructible nature of the Diamond MMA Compression Jock and Cup System.


Diamond MMA Compression Jock and Cup – CLICK HERE TO BUY

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