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Dethrone x Cain Velasquez UFC 121 Fight Gear

Coinciding with Cain Velasquez’s championship match against Brock Lesnar at UFC 121, Dethrone Royalty has introduced an assortment of Velasquez signature gear leading up to the UFC 121 main event. In the biggest battle of his career, with the opportunity to take home the UFC Heavyweight gold and lay claim as the first ever Mexican-American UFC champion, the Cain Velasquez Dethrone collection features three different style signature tees, including his official “Rock of Cain” UFC 121 walkout shirt, the rallying “Yes We Cain” promotional pre-fight tee, as well as the Cain “Eagle” T-shirt, featuring a design that’s inspired by the Mexico Coat of Arms. Scroll down to check out all three tees, along with Velasquez’s Dethrone Royalty fight shorts.

For a complete overview of all the UFC 121 fighter walkout tees check out the UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez Walkout Shirts feature.

CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone Rock of Cain UFC 121 Walkout Shirt


CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone Yes We Cain UFC 121 T-shirt


CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone Cain Eagle Signature T-shirt


CLICK TO BUY: Dethrone Cain Velasquez UFC 121 Fight Shorts


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