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Brain Pad 3XS Professional Mouthguard

Providing complete cushioning for your jaw when taking shots to the chin, Brain Pad helps soften the blow with the 3XS Professional Mouthguard. Stacked with high-impact gel inserts which provide an ultra-soft fit and feel when clenching your jaw during battle, this performance protective piece secures, stabilizes and cushions the lower jaw, while keeping your upper grill guarded with a wrap-around front bumper design that helps protect against lateral impact punches.

Thoroughly tested and proven to reduce impact energy by 40% to the base of the skull and brain, the 3XS Pro Mouthguard stays true to the brand’s slogan of “Head gear that fits in your mouth” with an innovative design, complete with an anti-microbial hard storage case keeping it safely stowed during break time.

CLICK TO BUY: Brain Pad 3XS Professional Mouthguard


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