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“Minotauro” MMA Instructional Set

It’s no secret that “Minotauro” Nogueira is a master inside the cage. The legendary MMA fighter has toppled some of the best in the business including Mark Coleman, Mirko CroCop, Tim Silvia, and most recently, Randy Couture. The former veteran Pride fighter and current UFC Heavyweight contender has honed his skills inside the ring and cage while squaring off with a series of superstars. What’s his trick? Suffice to say, he has a few. This three-part instructional DVD series breaks it down so you can learn to master your own domain.

The Mixed Martial Arts Ultimate Instructional Set by Victory Belt includes three separate instructional videos taught by the master himself, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Included in the series are Half, Inside Hooks, & Downed Guards for MMA, Guard for MMA, and Passing Guard for MMA. Each set breaks down the basics and teaches you one-on-one techniques for improving your fight skills.

Brush up on all areas of your ground game including closed guard techniques, guard control, plus a little bit of ground-and-pound. Learn to hook, strike and slap on a brutal Anaconda choke, right from the comfort of your very own living room. Sure Mixed Martial Arts is a rough sport, but who says learning the tricks of the trade had to be so tough? Pop in the DVDs, observe, learn, then make an example of your next opponent.


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